WTS - 336m SP 2004 PvP Char - Fly everything perfectly!

2004 Char
Positive wallet
In Jita 4-4
Sec Status -0.3
In +5 Set
Remap available
In NPC Corp
No kill rights

375b - no offers

Message on here, I don’t login often to see DMs



how much is 400 billion isk in US dollars. Not sure the right data to calculate it myself.

376 bil ISK is about 80,000 plex at a 4.7m per ISK cost. Roughly 2600.00 USD cost of character.
400bil ISK is about 85,000 plex at 4.7m per ISK cost. Roughly 2850.00 USD.

roughly 136.00 USD per year of Character life. Thats not even a return on sub investment really. Good cost really imho.

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Are you still selling the character? I might try to buy it in a week.

Yes, the character is still available

I would like to buy Caffeine Junkie. 375 billion

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I accept your offer - please transfer the ISK and I will start the transfer process

375 billion isk sent to Caffeine Junkie and awaiting transfer.

I’ve looked on the rules but didn’t find the answer. If Excelsior Gokhan sent to Caffeine Junkie the 375 billion isk, how does Caffeine Junkie know where to transfer the character to?

Email him your account information in the game

Ok. Email of account info sent and isk as well.

ISK received - initiating transfer

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