WTS 34.6M Ishtar/Gila Abyssal runner

WTS Cooby Toralen Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

  1. In NPC Corp
  2. Positive Wallet
  3. Implants: +4s in slots 1-5 (in Jita)
  4. No Jump clones
  5. Kill RIghts:

Perfect for T5 Abyssal.
Solid Ishtar as well
Great fitting skills, and PI for passive income.

Price needs to be higher than extraction value.

What is the extraction value? 30b to start ig

TBH thats a good enough number for me. I’ll sell for that.

I’ll reach out on my main
Edit: to make it clear, him buying the extractors is a completely separate deal and nothing to do with you purchasing this character.

isk and details sent

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Just woke up, take care of this shortly

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Char received, thanks

Pleasure doing business.