Wts 34m sp minmatar caldari combat toon

positive wallet. character in perimeter. no killrights.
no jump clones. 3 remaps.
24b start bid.

27 BIL

deal! send isk to Worofka and account data for transfer pls

Can i Jump in for 28 Bil

cool amte it is awesome

hello it is awesome send isk and data to Worofka pls ill do transfer instant

Hello indeed

waiting in game on worofka character

I am in game with worofka atm and ready

EVE Updating 1min


Worofka currently offline

1 min I am updating too and convo you in game)

Isk sent and email sent

I am updating too

? No Update?

No contact as of Isk transfer and account info sent. Please advise.

CCP Ticket opened. Due to no response form Seller

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