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All info here https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Inga_Hard

All Battleships 5
HAC Triglav - 5
Capitals - 5

Dreads 5 - Caldari, Minmatar
Carriers 5 - Amar, Minmatar

Starting price 110 bil
or give me good price :slight_smile:

Positive wallet
NPC corp.
Sec status 5

115 bil

Waiting isk in game and ready for transfer.

what’s the password to eveboard? going to check it before sending you isk. thanks!


eveboard updated.

got it. liquidating stuff right now. expect ISK in your wallet within 30 to 60 minutes.

80 bil sent, 35bil coming up within next 20 minutes… sorry for delay

80 bil received.
waiting 35 bil and Account info for starting transfer.

Just sent you the other 35bil for a total of 115bil as agreed. Account info also sent as well. Let me know when you start the transfer. Thanks!

isk recevied
account info received/

Start Transfer.

Have some technical problems.

submit ticket

Screens here

Error screenshot

ISKS returned.
Trade canceled.

Char have Block for Transfer.

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