(Freddy Cruger) #1
pass 1111
560k unlocate sp
3 remaps
2006 year born
few jump clones. char in jita atm.
positive wallet and positive sec status.
no killrights.
don’t use that pilot for along time
90b start bid
110B BO atm

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #2


(Freddy Cruger) #3

deleted password))

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #4

98 bil

(Freddy Cruger) #5

BO drop to 105b

(Freddy Cruger) #6

can you contact me in game after DT pls

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #7

Sure thing

(IMaxII) #8

Dont worry all clear thats me

(Freddy Cruger) #9

ill take it.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #10

ISK and account info sent via in-game mail. Please let me know when the transfer has begun.

(Freddy Cruger) #11

I did transfer with yandex money but I did not see confirmation from ccp. I hope they see payment soon.

(Freddy Cruger) #12

mb I need create ticket?
because they took money but I don’t see transfer

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #13

Thanks for that, it’s probably on a delay so give it a bit.

(Freddy Cruger) #14

ok thx. will wait than

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #15

Confirmation email received. Thank you!

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