[WTS]35.10m SPFocus HEL pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/xoofawx_saisima password:123456

·Fighters 5
·Heavy Fighters 5
·Minmatar Carrier 5
·Jump Drive Calibration 5

·No killrights
·Positive wallet
·In NPC corp
Initial starting price 37b ,b/o 40b
I will treat every bidder carefully.

3390 million sp?



I’ll bid 34b

i bid 35b

sory, I wrote it wrong, it should be 33.9m

Less than I expected. Thank you for your proposal

Go up

still for sale

Is this still for sale?

still for sale

What is the password ?


Still selling

I need a more reasonable price

still for sale?

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