WTS 35.5 Character would be a good PVP toon with work (Has Caldari Titan Skillbook injected)

  • Positive ISK wallet balance
  • Sec. status 0.0
  • No kill rights
  • 1 x jump clones (+5’s Perception, Memory, Willpower and Intel only No Charisma)
  • Docked in Kisogo
  • Has Caldari Titan SkillBook injected, Cybernetics 5
  • Has good foundational skills
  • 1 Remap available (current specced to Intel/Mem)


Want to sell a character that was meant to be a Caldari Titan Pilot but the ship cost has just gone beyond what I can realistically pay in the future so im not continuing with this char.

The char has good foundational skills Still needs its navigation skills sorting but after that you would go in any direction with the char

Im after 41 bil Buyout. EDIT (Screenshots)

offer at 37b

As per conversation - accepted. Please send ISK and Account when ready. Once sent I will confirm.

Isk Recieved on char - Process started.

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