WTS.... 35.5m SP hunter combat toon

bidding starts at 15B. sale ends Saturday @ 0000 EVE time.
pos security +.4 skillboard is wrong at -.6, pos wallet
Sold in accordance with CCP rules.
located in jita
no kill rights

o7, what about 20bill if you sell it now

Offer 23b if we do this quickly

Saturday is quick enough?

better do it until friday, that what I mean about quick

okay…if no one out bids you. it’s yours Friday @ 0000 EVE time. 30B buyout right now.

20.5B ISK ready

21b offer

21.5B offer

22 b offer

thanks m8… but I have a 23B offer.

23.5Bil offer

gonna sell this toon in 24 hours from right now to high bidder or buyout right now at 25B.

My offer stands within the next hour. Otherwise, you can sell to someone else

fair enough…will look in 1 hour.

you still here?

23.5 is to high for me

forward isk and account info. will start transfer upon receipt.

ISK and account name sent

isk and info received. transfer in progress. thanks m8.