WTS 35.5M SP Rorqual Pilot


8.1m SP in drones
T2 Indy Reconfig
6.1M SP in Shields

Located in Jita, No kill rights, positive wallet

Starting bid of 25b
500m Increments
B/O 33b
Bidding ends 12/22/18 02:00 Eve Time

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27b ready


27,75 isk

Lol, 250m increments… 27.76b then

500m Increments please, thought that was pretty standard so didn’t mention it. OP has been updated, current high bid is Marcus Zeal at 27.5b.

28 b ready

I’ll close the bidding 24hrs from this post, highest bid will be accepted.

29 b ready

30bill isk

Rodya Takern Offer accepted, please send isk and account info for character transfer

Have you sold it?

I’ve given Rodya Takern 3 days to reply and have not heard anything from him ingame or here. At this point I will consider his bid invalid. I will be out of town for 3 days and will be unable to transfer the character until I get back. I will continue to take bids until 12/22/18 02:00 eve time. I will consider the current high bid to be Riordo Miromme at 29b unless he states otherwise here.

sorry to reply so late, i confirm the 29B right now. and wait till the end.

29.5 plz

Bump, just under 1 hour left, highest bid will be accepted

what is highest bid to confirm?

Your 29.5b bid is currently the highest

Please PM me in game. following these last 20 minutes