WTS 35m + 1,517,911 unallocated SP Rorq/Indy Alt

Wanting to sell Rorq pilot, as listed. Detailed skill que can be found here https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Pookie_McDookie

-0 Kill Rights
-0 jump clones used
-Positive Wallet (779,022k ISK)
-Located: Duipant 1.0 - Duripant VII-Moon 6- Federal Navy Academy.

Starting bid 22b

B/O 35B

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30b but need times to prepare money

Bid noted. Thank you. Bidding will be open a few days, so you have time to collect funds.

Bump. This Auction will be open until Sept 16, 2019. At that point, highest bid will take the character, granted they are still wanting the transaction. If no other bids are made or if a bidder opts out, the Auction will remain for new bids past the 16th of Sept.

Thank you.



No bid remained, Auction will continue. Price has been dropped for starting. B/O remains the same.

I’ll put it down at 22b!


24.5 bil


27 bill


Bid Noted. If it remains until the 20th the auction will end and we can complete the transfer.

29 mill b/o

Retracted good luck with sale