WTS 35M SP Character (Sold)


  • Character In Hi-Sec

  • Positive Wallet Balance

  • No Kill Rights

  • Jump Clone in Hi-Sec

  • Security Status -1.3 (Still Able to access Hi-Sec)

25 Bil buy out

25b offer


That was quick, a little bit too quick :slight_smile:

I was not expecting it to be that fast either.

Olimano Eistiras What happens next, I assume that you’ll send the ISK and I’ll transfer the character, correct?

I’ll buy if he backs out.

What do you mean too quick XD like i dont see whats suspicious in having opened marketplace at the right time. and yes, sending isk and account name in a few min

OK, thx. I’ll sort the transfer once received.

isk and info sent

Where did you send the details?

in the note of the isk transfer, will mail it also now

Ah, thanks. :slight_smile:

let me know when transfer is sent

All done.


copy paste of transfer ticket or something? pretty sure thats what people usually do

43055684 5/19/2019 4:53:44 PM UTC Credit Card 1 x EVE Character Transfer

Like that?

dont think so, but that also seems to prove its legit :stuck_out_tongue: make sure those numbers at the start arent some personal info that you’re accidentally posting

yeah, i got the email saying its sent, thanks

Perfect, thanks for the confirmation and the sale :slight_smile: