WTS 36.5m SP PVP Subcap Focused, Born 2006 Starting 25b


WTS my PVP Minmitar focused toon born 2006

Wallet in good standing
0 Killrights
2 Jump Clones
LGK-VP, Finanar
0 Bounty
In station in highsec

Bidding starts at 25b


according to the skillboard you have 2 Jump clones.

Yes I haven’t been on this account in some time so I forgot. I will happily destroy them for you should that be an issue.

you posted you had 0 jump clones.

just change that in your first topic, and post where they are located and you’re good to go.

Updated sorry for the missed detail, no misinformation was intended.


Bump! Starting price Lowered


24b b/o isk is ready and I can send it whenever.

Sounds good, will cover transfer fee and start the process as soon as isk transfer is completed

I’ll be home in 2h and will send then

ISK and account name sent

Still awaiting transfer. Can you please confirm ETA to starting it?


Can you confirm when you’ve started the transfer please.

Also, are you doing it by PLEX or real money so I now when it will land on my account

Transfer had been started and it is via Plex

The sale is complete and this post may be deleted by a moderator.

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