Wts 36 sp A G Aircraft carrier

AG Aircraft carrier Force Auxiliaries
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Triage Module I
Account system valued at 5 billion assets
Buy out 27billion
Starting price 23 billion

offer 24b

offer 21b

offer 23b

Please have hgflm Cobon-Han make a post in this thread stating that he is for sale. If there is no post in 24 hours. I will close this thread.

Yes, my character is on sale

报价 24b

Bump 1

25B offer

I accept your quotation, isk remittance and send account information with Dufu game ID

Isk sent to hgflm Cobon-Han as per bazaar rules.

Account info sent in mail to both characters

Sorry, I don’t know this rule. There’s no problem sending isk transfer and information to this game character

I’ve received the isk, but
I can’t find the game character id you sent me. Please see if it’s spelled wrong
If there is no mistake, the game character transfer starts immediately

No mistake.

Its an account name not a game character you need



OK, the account transfer has started. Don’t forget to reply to the post after you receive the game character

Character hasn’t been received, I double checked the account name i gave you and it is correct. Did the transfer definitely start? Make sure the skill queue is paused before attempting to transfer.

Because I can’t transfer my account, please lock it for me. Thank you

Hello, there’s something wrong with me. I can’t sell this game character. The 25 billion isk has been refunded, because I thought I could use plex to pay for the role transfer as I did a few years ago. After submitting the work order last night, GM told me that plex payment has been cancelled, and I need to pay $20 by credit card or PayPal to transfer the game character, I have studied the continuous payment failure (which may have something to do with my network).

I’m sorry I can’t sell you

25 B 我给你提供VPN 可以支付