[WTS] ~37M Max Yield rorq with ice reprocessing skills/mining boosts

Hey guys, I stopped krabbing 6+ months ago and have no desire to go back, so its time to finish getting rid of my rorq alts. This character is max yield and also has max ice reprocessing skills. He is in high sec in an NPC corp (skillboard may not have updated yet).

Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Titan_Bomb


  • T2 Indy Core / Capital Industrial Ships 5

  • Ice Harvesting Drone / Mining Drone Specialization 5

  • T2 mining boost/mind link

  • Max yield ice reprocessing

I am not in a hurry to sell as I mainly just want to free up a slot for future use as I don’t mine anymore, so please no lowball offers; if an acceptable bid is not met I’ll just extract and keep the character for other use. I reserve the right to cancel for any reason. If I have anything wrong please let me know, it is not intentional. Upon bid acceptance I will transfer via PLEX, so please allow CCP time to work their magic.

I will not be using this character so probably will not see its mail; please leave questions, comments, or bids here. Thank you.

Starting bid: 37B
Instant Buyout: 42B

42b offer I want this

@JOSS_NAMA I accept 42b. Send isk and account name and I’ll petition to get this started.

isk and mail sent

Isk received. Petition created with CCP to have character transferred; please allow them to work their magic.

Thank you for the business and enjoy the character!

CCP states transfer is complete, please let me know if there are any issues. Thanks.

I got the characher. thankyou

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