WTS - 37m SP (Exhumer, Transport, Reprocessing, Cyno, PI)

Selling my Utility character, skills of note

  • Exhumer 5

  • Cyno 5

  • MAX PI (+5 in every skill)

  • Ice Processing 5

  • Scrap Metal 5

  • Most T2 mining lasers

  • Perfect shied Skills

  • Transport ships 4 (Gallente)

  • Core Skills

  • Placed back in Starter Corp

  • Current location Jita

  • Positive wallet

  • Positive standing

  • 1 x Jump clone in Jita

  • +4 Implants


Hi 20 Buyot ???

Hi, Yes I can do that. Please send isk and account name and ill process it

Ok thx send you with ather account thx Bro in 2/3 hours i finisch the Job

Obi Wan i not forget you for Transfer Longer in Job

“Sent 20 bil and account details from Soto Komo. Awaiting character”

Thank you, sorry for the delay - I was sleeping :slight_smile: I have began this process - please see your email shortly and expect the character to appear 10 hours from now on your account. Enjoy!

Yes i see transfer meil Thx Bro werry frendly from you.Have the nice day

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