WTS 38m SP frigate/destroyer specialist. Clean corp history

(Ori Akami) #1

I am for sale. Can fly all PvP frigates and destroyers. No Electronic attack or cov ops frigates.

pass: 1234

All Frigate 5
All Destroyer 5
All Tactical Destroyer 5
Assault frig 5
Interceptor 5
Currently training Interdictor 5
Command destroyers 4

All small turrets 5 with maxed gunnery support skills.
Light missile and rockets 5 with maxed missile support skills.
Light drones 5 with drone interfacing 5.

Faction warfare goddess with perfect corp history.

Starting Bid 30b.
B/O 55b .

Do not message me in game, only taking bids on this forum post. I reserve right to end or cancel auction at any time if I feel a necessary price is not met. I’m holding out for a high offer as this toon is pretty damn nice.

(TxivYawg1) #2

30 bil buyout offer

(Michele Kalkoken) #3

31b offer

(Ori Akami) #4

bump :sparkling_heart:

Toon found... closed
(Ori Akami) #5

bump :grinning:

(Ori Akami) #6


(Ori Akami) #7

Bump. not much interest so i wont leave this auction running much longer if no one wants to offer decent price.

(system) #8

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