WTS 38m SP Rorq/Orca Pilot

Title says it all, great mining alt with very good indy, drone and support skills.


  1. Positive Security Status
  2. Positive Wallet
  3. No killrights
  4. Currently located in highsec

Please post offers here, or direct message.

B/O= 30B

I can offer 22b

I can offer you 24b isk right now. Ready to send. Been shopping for a rorq pilot for ages

bump 30B is my b/o



daily bump still for sale

I can offer 25b

25.5b bo

bump 28B takes it.

I’ll go 28B, will take me an hour or two to get in game and transfer funds.

ISK ready and able to send, please confirm you accept my 28B bid

28b accepted, please send isk and account info.

Isk sent and account name sent

Confirmation please?

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