WTS 38m SP Rorq/Orca pilot

Alioon Saissore’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Focused Orca/Rorq booster with supporting skills.

:dollar: 38B

:white_check_mark: NPC corp
:white_check_mark: No kill rights
:white_check_mark: Positive sec status
:white_check_mark: Positive wallet balance
:white_check_mark: Docked in HS

I am for sale.

15 bil

17b offer

18 bill

19 bil

19.5 bill

Way too low on the offers. Thanks for the free bumps.

20b for it

21b offer

25b for it

Offers are still low. Thanks for bumps.

26b for it

Still available. Bump.

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28BIL i can pay now

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