WTS 39mil support toon L5 puller


pass 12345

In jita sec positive and so is wallet.

Good support toon. Cyno 5, cloak, DST skills and some industry skills.

Open to offers

31b offer

thanks, It will sell tomorrow evening eve time, whatever the highest offer is.

32 bil

32.5 b

33 bil

33.5b offer.

This auction will end tonight, highest bidder wins.

last bump this will end in 40 minutes

Saya Origami,

33.5 bil it is. Please send isk and account name if you are still interested.


Zazzel you still interested?

Offer stands, ISK ready!


I will be back from work tonight, as the bids are going again whoever is the highest bidder in 6 hours and have isk ready I will make the transfer then.


If you have isk ready please send with account number and I will transfer in couple of hours

Isk & account sent.

Isk received toon transferred

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