WTS 3x ~5m SP Starter Toons

#1. 2005 (No KB) Toon

#2 Gallente Destroyer/Frigate/Tactical Destroyer to 5

#3 Caldari Frigate/Destroyer to 5 lots of injected Skills

I’m for sale

I’m for sale

I’m for sale

3.5BO for Phosp Kor

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Hi Mate, I can see the second toon you linked Phyllis Wise is not a 5 mil SP toon. I would be willing to offer 13 bil for her if you are interested as per the sp market value I could get from her so i can make a profit. It doesn’t bother me the -2.something sec status.
Let me know if you are interested.
As for the other 2, I am afraid they do not have cybernetics 5, which is what every SP farm is looking for, meaning there is another half a month to loose there to get them to Cyber 5, so I can only offer you 4bil each if interested, but not more then that.
Fly (un)safe

Is Phosp Kor still available???