WTS 4.7m SP alt

WTS 4.7m SP character
t2 rockets, basic alpha skills at 5.
Positive wallet, no kill rights
B/O 3b
Char is in NPC corp, skillq has not updated.


skill board is locked

ready, sry, didnt know about that

3b B/O

Great. Let’s move on to the transfer

I got everything.I sent a request to the technical support service.

isk and account name sent

can u help me please? how i can get contacts of support service? via official website or here?

Are you Russian?

The problem is that I can’t find the appropriate topic in support on the official website

account info → Transfer Character , Located at the bottom of the page

solve this

20 usd for transfer its normal?(

Yes, this is the regulation

send u isk back, sry

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