WTS 45.3m sp mission runner lvl5 missions unlocked

43.3 m sp + 1 m sp unallocated
located in jita
5.0 sec status
no assets other than some rando’s
Used as abyssal runner T5 T6 site
tengu in 10/10
burner missions

lvl5 puller faction standings

corp standings

pos walelt
pos sec status
all rules etc
in npc corp
offers start 40b

bumping this

37B can do today!

Looks like a perfect abyssal runner if you ignore the standings

Any response Zed?

Sorry i will decline it. Its below my starting bid


38b close rn :slight_smile:

Quote 39B

offering 39b

Quote 45B

offering 46b

Quote 47B

I can agree on this, sent isk and account name to Zed please

20 years member, I need to confirm that there are too many names after all

Zed Aeron
Currently in npc corp
With triglav special agent in bio

ISK Sent Email sent Please check

Bro You’re too slow to reply

@ISD Please help me to cancel the transaction and get a refund. The seller has not responded for more than 24 hours

The toon was transfered early today, you did not get it?