WTS - 47.5m SP PVP Main - Mining offspec. Excellent base attributes

Hi all,

Wanting to sell this character at a fair price.

Great inherent base attributes. 2.5m SP unallocated making quick customizations possible to suit your tastes.
Positive Wallet
5.0 Sec Status
In an NPC corp
In a Highsec station
Have 0 killrights
Mains Minmatar and Amarr races with Frigs and cruisers V and associated weapon/support skills highly skilled. BC for all races V.
Mining skills trained for potential off spec.


Thank you.
Kind regards,

ceasePX 25 B

Was hoping for 30b - will wait it out to see what other offers come in.

Thank you


Bump to the top.




My offer is still good!.

Hey mate, really appreciate it i just feel like I could get a bit more for this account. Really hoping for a better price. :slight_smile:


I can give you 22 bill for ceasePX

Appreciate the offer but I’m looking for around the 28-29B.

Thank you for your offer.

Apologies mate - I was away this weekend and didn’t have access to internet.
Missed what that was.

26.5 bil

Show a brother some love and get me that 29Bil!

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