WTS 48.5 Mill SP, 850,000 unallocated SP, Fleet Boost, Ceptors, Bombers and general Galente PVP to Battle Cruiser level

Selling Luna Lane SquirtSquirt


1. Wallet balance.
Positive but near zero

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones
Luna has 3 Jump Clones
J-CIJV ( null sec)

4. Character location.
Juffvitte ( high Sec 0.5 system)

48.5 Mill SP

850,000 unallocated SP

Fleet Boost, Ceptors, Bombers and general Gallente PVP to Battle Cruiser level

start bidding at 40 bill ISK



45B buyout?

make it 46 bill and she is yours

If you meet me at 45.5 I would buy it now, I have the ISK ready.

the transfer fee alone is going to cost me 4 bill

and at 46 she is already discounted by about 10%

Ok, I will buy her for 46 then. I will send account name and ISK.

cool, deal she is yours

I will then get the transfer request to GMs right away

I can also move her closer, where you want her?

Sent. If you could move her to Jita that would be great, thank you.

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