WTS 5.1M SP Farm

(Admiral Bulldog) #1

5.1M SP
Cyber / Bio V
Int/Mem map with +5’s and 1 remap available

Positive sec status
Positive Wallet
Dashing good looks
NPC Corp
Located in Jita 4-4


Starting bid 3.5B
BO 4.5B

(GitaGita) #2

3.5 my offer

(Admiral Bulldog) #3



(Admiral Bulldog) #4

Will accept your offer. Send ISK and account in-game.

(Admiral Bulldog) #5

No response from buyer. Bump.

(Absolute Truth) #7

2b offered, isk ready

(Starlord Hekki) #8

2.3B Isk ready

(Talon White) #9

3.5b and ready to transfer (well, when the server kicks back to life!)

(Skir Melkan) #10

Ill do 4b

(Admiral Bulldog) #11

4B accepted. Send ISK and account info.

(Skir Melkan) #12


(Admiral Bulldog) #13

ISK received. Transfer started.

(system) #14

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