WTS 5.2 msp starter

(asvr datr) #1

Eveboard - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/asvr_datr (password: 420)

In npc corp
sec status: -0.27
No killrights
positive wallet
no killrights
located in jita 4-4
2+1 remaps

(Risien Drogonne) #2

I’ll bid 3.0b

(Isaac Galang) #3

Bidding 3.2b

(Isaac Galang) #4

Actually that’s a terribad price. 3.7b buyout.

(Dain-The-Swift) #5

3.8b bidddd

(Isaac Galang) #6

3.9b then

(Dain-The-Swift) #7

OOOh a bidding war. 4 billions

(Isaac Galang) #8

Gah, retracting bid

(Dain-The-Swift) #9

I concede defeat

(Isaac Galang) #10

Don’t concede so fast, depending on what deal closes there’s a chance I have to withdraw a bid or something.

(Isaac Galang) #11

Agh, I’m relinquishing my bid in your favor. Got my ISK tied up hard.

(Dain-The-Swift) #12

Thanks but I’m reneging on all bids. Decided to just skill extract. It was a fun war though

(Isaac Galang) #13

Well if that’s the case I’m going back down to 3.6b buyout.

(system) closed #14

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