WTS 5.2 msp starter

Eveboard - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/asvr_datr (password: 420)

In npc corp
sec status: -0.27
No killrights
positive wallet
no killrights
located in jita 4-4
2+1 remaps

I’ll bid 3.0b

Bidding 3.2b

Actually that’s a terribad price. 3.7b buyout.

3.8b bidddd

3.9b then

OOOh a bidding war. 4 billions

Gah, retracting bid

I concede defeat

Don’t concede so fast, depending on what deal closes there’s a chance I have to withdraw a bid or something.

Agh, I’m relinquishing my bid in your favor. Got my ISK tied up hard.

Thanks but I’m reneging on all bids. Decided to just skill extract. It was a fun war though

Well if that’s the case I’m going back down to 3.6b buyout.

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