WTS 5.2m Cyber V, Minmatar Starter! BS/Large guns V

(Brock Khans) #22

Yes. Gm will transfer soon

(NAVO ST) #23

ok ok ok

(NAVO ST) #24

I don’t understand why I haven’t received it yet.

(Brock Khans) #25

I did not pay real money to do this transfer. I am using PLEX to do the transfer.

THis means I have to create a support ticket and ask the GM to take 1000 plex from my account and manually transfer it.

This means I have to wait for the GM to get to my ticket.

I said this in the OP “PLEX transfer will be used”.

Please be patient

(NAVO ST) #26

I heard a message, now you can’t use PLEX to pay for the transfer.

(NAVO ST) #27

get it! thank you!

(system) #28

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