WTS 5.2m Cyber V, Minmatar Starter! BS/Large guns V


1 remap available
5.01 sec status
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
Located in HS

Cyber V
Min BS V
Large Proj Turret V
Gunnery V

+5s across board (excluding social with +4)
Lots of gunnery related *05 implants

Plex transfer will be used


Here :nyanparrot:

5bil isk ready

I won’t be home for 12 hours. If no higher offers coming by then. I’ll accept

@XeroHedge got home a bit early. I’ll accept 5b. Let me know when it’s been all sent to Emil

No word back from Xero. Back to the top. Sale continues

ill do 4.5b b/o

Offer noted, To the top!


I’ll accept that, send isk/account info to Emil.

let me know once its sent


account name and isk sent in game

are you there?

yeah I’ll login now, one moment

Both recieved (isk and account were sent to brock, so I transferred it to Emil)

Ticket has been submitted, GM will transfer soon http://prntscr.com/kqy9qd

Ok ,Happy cooperation。

now I have not received it,Can you check the progress for me?

No reply from Ticket yet, should hopefully be soon. Waiting on GM

ok , thank you!

Can I still get him?