WTS 6.3m Cyber V, Minmatar Starter! BS/Large guns V

0 remap available
5.01 sec status
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
Located in HS

Cyber V
Min BS V
Large Proj Turret V
Gunnery V

+5s across board (excluding social with +4)
Lots of gunnery related *05 implants

Dollar transfer will be used


I hope I can still bid you 5b

I hope I can still bid a generous 5.2B

Then I’m upping to 5.5b.

Ready. Send ISK and details please.

Ready. Send ISK and details please.

Will do when I get home to a computer that can actually run EVE, probably within the hour.

EDIT: Yeesh I forget to press send and suddenly it backs down? Hopefully it ain’t too late to save that bid.


I am waiting for you

Account detail and ISK Sent! Start the transfer please.

Transfer start

Excellent, see you in 10 hours!

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