WTS two +/- 5M sp toons

Extractor materials i guess.
Looking for 4B each since I’m paying 20EUR for transfer.

Positive status / no kill rights / postive ISK.
Both in NPC corps as of now.



Ready for sale

Aaron sold, give me two minutes for send the isk and accname

Isk and acc name sent

Got it.
Starting transfer in a few.


Gustav still for sale?

isk and info send -

Yes, Gustav still for sale

4b isk ready to send

Will transfer as soon as I get acc info and ISK. thx

mail and isk sent

At this point Arron was already transferred to Emsar Mannar. if somebody send isk to that toon without confirming then you will have to get CCP to help you or hope that @Emsar_Mannar plays it by the rules. I can’t log to Aaron anymore but I do see 4B positive wallet so I think somebody did send isk after I started the transfer.

Postal, The Bank Manager sent ISK and BO mail before you so I’m sending you ISK back.
**and to other people too lol.

copy thank you

Got the ISK and ACC info but have to wait for Arron to transfer so I can start Gustav.
That ok or you don’t want to wait??

i can wait, no problem.

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let me know when you transfer o/

Sorry took so long.
Just got back from work.
Toon was transferred 3 mins ago.

Much appreciated.

gustav recieved, ty

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