WTS 5.3M SP Hauler

(Heino Haginen) #1

5,300,829 SP


Can fly Providence, Bowhead, and T2 Amarr Haulers.

Cybernetics V
Positive wallet.
0.0 Security Status
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita
Remap Available

B/O - 4 bil
Starting Bid - 3 bil

(Johny Rambo) #2

3b b/o

(Shark Utrigas) #3

Sale still open?

(Tip04ek) #4


(Heino Haginen) #5

Yes the sale is still open.

(Shark Utrigas) #6

4bil B/O

(Heino Haginen) #7

Sold. Please send ISK and account name.

(Shark Utrigas) #8

info and isk

(Heino Haginen) #9

Transfer started. Thank you for purchasing me.

(system) #10

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