WTS 5,4 mil edited

Selling this toon as soon as possible.

L/O 1,5bil
B/O 4,5bil

2 available remaps


Let me know if there’s problem with the API

Will buy on condition that eveboard is updated, not showing anything atm.

try out https://eveskillboard.com

No character found on there.

was for the OP to make his board there :+1:

Depending on what the skillboard says id bid more than 2b.

Edit: Brock your site is simply awesome :smiley:

I am working on it.


Props to Brock Khans for fixing his website.

would buy instantly for 2b!

didn’t account for paused skillqueues :smiley:

2.6b buyout ^^




I wouldn’t sell for less that 3.9 - 4bil based off current prices people are paying

4b buyout. ISK ready!

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SOLD to Harold Crane

ISK and account info sent!

Support ticket created mods can lock the thread.

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