Wts 5.4 mill sp char-gal cruiser lvl 5


-Located in jita
-Transfer ready
-no kill rights
-2 remap
-positive wallet and sec status

-Gall cruiser lvl5

price:3 bill

2.5 B B/0

highest bid 2.5bill.


still for sale

Offering 2.7b

I accept the offer.
please send the isk on monday.then I can transfer the character.

thank you

Sure thing.

Sending the account details via EVE Mail

I confirm

i ready.waiting isk:)

Will be sending it in an hour.

ISK transferred.
Please confirm.

i start transfer.

Character Name: Bullpovver

Will be completed after: 1/10/2022 6:47:20 PM

Thank you.
Fly safe

Transfer mail received.

Thank you

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