WTS 5,459,769 SP Alpha Gila Pilot

Wts myself - 6m SP focused on Gila, literally don’t think there’s anything else an Alpha can train for the boat.

NPC corp
positive ISK balance
no Kill rights
Located in high sec


5b B/O

i offer 2.5B

Free bump then

Try and sell again bump

4 bil

Looking for more. Bump

How much u looking for?

Didnt accept 4, 6 is b/o. Id probably do 5 but if youre feeling more generous thats also fine

Bump this. Looking for 5b

Bump 5b

I’ll offer 4.5b

Going to hold out for 5 im afraid but thanks for bidding


Bumped. Will take 4.8

4.6 billion dollar offer

you’ll take 4.8? I can do that

5Bil isk ready to transffer when OP replies.

5.1b isk ready when OP replies

5.2 offer

5.25 buy out