WTS 5.4mil sp frieghter pilot

i have here a toon with some mixed skills and alot of cap books injected
main points can fly a freighter soon a JF
cybernetics V in 5 days
and few other good skills
pm me in game or leave offers in
3bil starting bid

3B First Bid

i offer 3.4b

3,5 b/o

3.6b offer

daily bump come 18th i wil accept the highest offer unless someone give me an offer i cant refuse

update cybernetics v in only 2day 5hrs and jf can be flown in another 2 day or so after that

5 bil?

noted i will let poeple know on 16th when im back from trip

daily bumper

have pm’d you

Due to personal reason i sorry to say i have to close this the character is no longer for sale thanks to those who bid