WTS 5.5m SP Miner with some Combat Oomph!

Hey folks! Looking to sell my 8 year-old character (me)! Below is the skillboard for your viewing pleasure. My dude is currently parked in Lari, which is a 0.5 system in Amarr space. Can move him if you’re uncomfortable with 0.5. Start the bids and we’ll see what we see :slight_smile: 4.5B starts the bidding off, have a great day y’all!


3.5b ready, now

4.5B ready, online now.

Following in-game acceptance of my offer, 4.5B ISK has been sent.

Yup, ISK received! Am about to initiate character transfer ASAP.

Character transfer has been paid for.

Thanks, Will update when character arrives on my account

Character received. Thanks!!

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