WTS 5.7m SP farm various V's for Gall PVP Cyb V +5 implants

~skill link~

5.5billion isk

~ 170,000sp to allocate
~ +5 implants Intelligence / Memory
~ 1 remap available

  • Character in Highsec
  • No rights
  • -0.9 sec status but can travel anywhere in highsec.

To ze topen.

Bitey bitey little fishy…

Open to many offers…


I´d to offer 4


To ze top


To ze top


4.5 B B/O

5b bill

@Hee_Seung_Kang 5B accepted.

Please send ISK and account name to transfer.

i will transfer other char, that’s ok?

OK tell me when other transfer is complete.

eve server error occured… will pay 12h later… sorry about that. mayby our regional problem…
i cant loggin in my wallet alts :frowning:

To ze top

contract failed?

I did not know what was happening.

If you still what the character, please send ISK and account details for transfer.