WTS 5.99M SP Starter Pilot with Implants and Skins 2.5bil


  • Name : Javi Rivera
  • Born : November 25, 2021
  • Corporation : Member of Federal Navy Academy since November 25, 2021 until present
  • Security Status : 0.2 (rounded off. please check link)
  • Current Home Station : Jita 4.4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  • Change Home Station : Can change home station any time
  • Kill Rights: No kill rights against you.
  • Neural Remaps : 2 remaps available
  • Skillpoints: 5.98 Million (please check link)
  • Wallet : Positive ISK
  • Clones: 1 out 2 jump clones installed
  • Implants: Clone 1: Mid Grade Crystals (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon)
  • Implants: Clone 2: Prospector (AP 606, AQ 710, AR 806, EY 1005)
  • Implants: Clone 3: not yet installed
  • Clone State : Currently Omega State
  • SKINS : 22 Permanent Skins
  • SKINS : Aurora (Hound, Kestrel, Manticore, Nemesis, Punisher, Purifier, Rifter, Tristan)
  • SKINS : Versus Blue (Heron, Imicus, Magnate, Maller, Moa,Probe, Rupture, Vexor)
  • SKINS : Versus Red (Anathema, Buzzard, Cheetah, Cynabal, Helios)

Level 5 Drones
Level 5 Drone Specialization
Level 5 Drone Avionics

Level 5 Rockets
Level 5 Light Missiles
Level 5 Missile Launcher Operations

Level 5 Powergrid Management
Level 5 CPU Management

Aiming for Level 5 Shield Operations and Level 4 Shield Skills
Scanning, Navigation, Targeting - Alpha Maxed (level 2-3 depend on what is the max for alpha)

Level 3 Frigates (except for Gallente and Caldari which are Level 4)
Level 3 Destroyers for Gallente and Caldari only
Level 3 Cruisers for Gallente and Caldari only

Yes. Worm > Gila > Rattlesnake was the goal.

I developed this pilot with love.

RFS: Planning on taking a break to focus on study (maybe). Planning to start anew when I get back.

Will sell this for 2.5B.

i’ll do 2.5b

Sorry sir. Already taken. Are you interested perhaps to a 4m SP cloaky explorer with t2 drones? Will sell for 2bil flat.

No thanks if the character is sold already you might want to add that here somewhere

fly safe

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