WTS 52m SP 2005 subcap pilot with NO history

(Rolf Spence) #1


100% clean pilot, no corp history, no killboard, nothing.
Positive sec and wallet
1 jump clone in Jita
+4 learning implants for all 5 stats + scanning implants
No kill rights, no anything. This handsome friend is as clean as they get.
Pilot is in hi-sec (Rens)
4 remaps

I don’t think I missed anything, the skillboard says enough.

I won’t entertain anything below 1 billion ISK per 1m skillpoints. No specific buyout, basically when I say “wow that’s a lot of ISK”.

(Rolf Spence) #2

Dang ol’ bumperooni. Is that how you spell bumperooni?

(Kenzee Leusten) #3

40 bil in case you change your mind on what you’ll entertain

(Jayce Oriki) #4

41bil sorry wrong bid

(Gemini Staxx) #5

45B - sent mail for further discussion.

EDIT: Offer Reduced until B/O Provided. Evemail Me.

(Rolf Spence) #6

Bumping again.

(Rolf Spence) #7

Bumping this here thang again bae.

(Rolf Spence) #8

It is time for a bump of the good stuff.

(Gemini Staxx) #9

Hey Mate,

Whats the go here?
Interested in the toon - wanna come to an agreement?

(Kamel Fera) #10


(Rolf Spence) #11

Bump again. As I’ve said, I’ll go 1b per 1m SP, I’m not in a hurry, this character can sit fallow and inactive again. I’ll round down in the buyers favor since he’s about to eclipse 53m and say 52.

(Rolf Spence) #12

Forgot about this, bump again.

(system) #13

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