WTS 53mio Supercapital Char ( Hel V / Nyx IV) / Make me an offer

Hi Guys,

As the title says i want to sell this char: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/PB_Amelia ( Will leave Corp today) PW: 1234

Start Bid is: Make me an offer

buyout: let me know some.

Happy Day all,


You have time for a chat?

if there are no more bids i will accept it

Bid was taken back open for new one. Get you a perfect ratting char!


35b offered

36 Bil

Mail sent

offers received.



Price agreed in game, sending isk later today. Still need a post here by the character that is for sale first thought

42B please attention

agreed on 45bil buyout. Will post with char now and waiting to receiv isk

confirm im for sale

Isk & info (account to transfer to is in note of the money I sent) Sent to PB Amelia

Started Transfair.

Can be closed when he got the acc.

Confirming, got the transfer email

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