WTS 55m sp subcap toon\ good zkill


An alt of MarcoV VPolo(WTS 65m SP PVP subcap toon\ good zkill).

Good navigation and engineering.
Flys ceptors, dictors, kiki, loki, blops and golem.
Good Zkill Ambraek | Character | zKillboard.

NO killrights. Positive Wallet.
2 sets of implants located in perimeter: HG crystal, MG crystal.

Starting bid 45B.

95B/O for Ambraek and MarcoV VPolo, offer is available for 1 more hour until I go to sleep:)

Have a good sleep sir

TY!:slight_smile: before I go, is there a B/O that would convice you do do the transaction now?

idk, how much do you think?

the b/o is 50b




100B B/O for both char, how about this?

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