WTS 57m SP Focussed Titan (Avatar) Pilot

Located in HS, NPC corp.
Positive wallet
No kill rights
2 x remaps

Offers until the weekend

35b offer

Isnt that 10b under extract price?

39bil b/o

Again, I think I can extract for more, but thanks.

Bump bump



42b offer

all of you guys using the “i can get more extracting” objections to offers fail to remember EXTRACTORS COST ISK (or money for that matter)… so for your character:

Pretty much you can extract 52,000,000 SP

Extractor price in Jita lowest atm: 501,000,000

You need 104 extractors, meaning you need to forward pay roughly 52,104,000,000 (52.1b)

Injector Jita price lowest buy: 919,000,000

104 Injectors sold at jita should net you: 95,576,000,000

sell income minus extractor cost: 43,472,000,000

have you considered taxes and broker fee’s?

even if you have max trade skills on the alt you planning on selling them with…

base taxes and fee’s 11%

Max skills taxes and fee’s: 5.1%

so extra hit to your profit of: 4,874,376,000

Neting you a grand total income with max skills at current prices of: 38,597,624,000

and you gotta consider time of sales, if no one undercuts you and you have to relist…

so PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD… do proper math or dont attempt to sound smart, you just make fun of youself.

*note, if you sell trough contracts, you will avoid fee’s, but no one is gonna pay Jita price if it is trough contracts… so moot point.

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So when I said I can get more for extracting at 39 bil I was actually right with the market conditions at the time! Additionally, I fully understand the time this all takes but I’m after isk, time I have or I wouldnt be playing Eve.

The moral is dont come in somebodys post and try to be smart when you arent quite as smart as you think you are!

42.5 billion

No bid on my side, but to add on your statement, you could also throw in skillbook cost, which are especially high, given a titan skillbook costs 6b flat. just my 2 cents, good luck with your sale :slight_smile:


49B. offer

Come to 50 and I’ll transfer within the hour.

49B offer

Will accept 49 if you are still interested?

Offer 50B, as per our in-game mail