WTS - 59 Mil SP Gallente/Precursor PvP toon

Selling Lacertalus, who’s always been mine.


Lots of skills at V, good corporation history and no funny stuff.

B/O set at 48 Bil

Some highlights:

Security Status 2.91
Toon is over 10 years old.

Gallente Cruiser V
Gallente Destroyer V
Gallente Frigate V
Logistics Cruiser V
Precurosr Cruiser V
Precursor Destroyer V

Small Precursor Weapon V
Medium Precursor Weapon V
Medium Hybrid Turret V

Armored Command Specialist V
Information Command V
Skirmish Command V

Sentry Drone Interfacing V
Heavy Drone Operation V

Offer 42b

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Accepted the buyout, send the isk and details and I will initiate the transfer!

ISK/Account Info Sent

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Character has been transfered! Enjoy!

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