WTS 59m SP Focused PVE gal

Kells Whisperoo Skills

WTS this little awesome mission runner here. She has so many ways in which to go. She is a great Caldari navy runner and has standing everywhere in hi sec to some degree. Access to L5 missions and has pretty beefy missile skills.

  • 3 bonus remaps
  • 178k unallocated sp as well
  • Good Planet skills
  • Caldari Frigate V / Destroyer V / Cruiser V / Battleship V
  • Excellent missile skills
  • Great for missions and strategic cruisers
  • Parked in Jita
  • No kill rights on her

Will entertain most BO offers within reasonable expectations.
Bidding start at 20B

Thank you.

30 b offer

Thank you. I would like to see a bit higher though.


Edit: 41.5 bil

Bid accepted. I will make the transfer via cc upon receipt of isk and account info.

Thank you.

ISK and account received. Transfer initiated.

Thank you!

Transfer confirmed. Thanks, K.W.!!!

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