WTS 5M Focused Orca, Providence, VNI and Cyno

(Sneakpeaking Incognito) #1

All rules apply; positive sec status, no KRs, I pay transfer using plex.


Can fly Orca, Providence and has very basic VNI skills. Also has cyno ready to go.

(Sneakpeaking Incognito) #2

Still for sale.

(Rak Malla) #3


(Sneakpeaking Incognito) #4

I’ll totally pay 4b+ to transfer it to you for 2b, 300 IQ individual here.

(Rak Malla) #5

5 bill

(Sneakpeaking Incognito) #7

Still for sale, looking for around 6b.

(Sneakpeaking Incognito) #8

Still for sale.