WTS 5mill Sp Subap starter char

I am for sale, I am hot… and stuff below.

2 Bonus remaps + yearly remap ready.
Full Genolution Core implant set

I’m in an NPC corp, All CCP rules etc.
End date : None
Starting Bid: 2bill
Buyout 4B


Daily bump.

2.1b Sale to me

Daily Bump


Finishing tonight, will probably cancel and biomass if no offers that make it worthwhile paying for transfer.

Hmm will leave running as seems a waste to delete her.

Buyout at 4B

someone gave you a 2.1 bill, which is more than your starting bid. Why not just take that?

I offer 3bn

because why would I? it’s not worth paying for the transfer.

Still for sale,

Then you have set your starting bid too low…

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Yes, why would you set a starting bid price that you would never accept? It’s almost as if you were acting like an idiot.

last time I checked changing my mind on a sale is perfectly within the rules, run along.

If you change your mind, change the post. Its not against the rules, but it is shady and misleading. As Kador Rin said, you set your starting bid too low. And if it was a mistake, thats fine. No one is going to call you out for making a mistake. But people will call you out for not rectifying that mistake.

Wait what?.. the post has been changed. I removed a timelimit and added a buyout… You’re not making a whole lot of sense as nothing needs to be changed.

If i remember correctly, 2.1 is larger than 2. I could be wrong though, its been a while since grade 2 math.

@Gladriella_Antollaire offer 4bil b/o

Removed a bunch of off topic posts. Keep it civil and on topic, thanks.

Accepted, please send isk and account info to Gladriella

account and isk sent ingame