WTS 6,377,174 SP Starter Pilot 2013

Selling myself, would take 6b as a buyout.

Positive ISK, Standings, No kill rights!




Can message me on Helicopter Dicking in game. Or SOV Diplomat!

BUMP, will take best offer, minimum is 5b… ty

Ohhh it can fly porp? Also compress and boost?

If it can become a booster then im interested

Oh sh, the skills, its actually very good for a booster alt, 5b?

Ill buy it

Ok, I would meet you in the middle at 5.5b wanna send me a message on either Helicopter Dicking, Trader Craggus, or SOV Diplomat in game.

I already did actually:)

Why cant it compress tho, you dont siege?

I took a break while traveling for work, so i stopped training for a bit… Just didn’t get to it. Price is firm at 5.5.

Ok, ill train it then, also isk and info sent o7

I get home the day after tomorrow, wow your fast! I can have it out asap once back! If you want i can send ISK back and let you know once i am home from the airport.

Yea lol im excited to have a booster toon, No its fine, just send it asap, how do i know that the transfer has been initiated?

I will reply here with a screenshot of once the transfer has been started

I can also send you a mail in game.

Either are fine, also where is this toon located? I hope its in amarr

I can move her there for you.

Thanks, that would be nice, ight imma wait for it then

Send an email to Helicopter Dicking reminding me asap, and ill remember… Gonna be sleepy after the long flight!

Ok ill send an email tomm night, then ill wait another 10hrs for the transfer :frowning: