WTS 6.58M SP PI toon - superb name

(Quark Shimerman) #1

PI toon up for sale for 5 bill. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Quark_Shimerman

…for all you Trek fans, who didn’t love Quark?

SP summary INCLUDES 500 000 UNALLOCATED skill points

no kill rights

2 BONUS remaps available

positive isk balance - 30 000 000 included

no JC

in NPC corp

currently docked and located Villasen -

suitable for new and experienced players alike … ready to immediately extract PI and make $$$

many billions already made with his PI skills…many billions more to be made!

:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!
(Laxor) #2


(Zero Shadow's) #3

5.1B offer

(Quark Shimerman) #4

5.1 bill is the highest offer… if there are no higher bids I will be accepting Zero Shadow’s bid soon

(Quark Shimerman) #5

@Laxor the bid is in your court now…any rises?

(Quark Shimerman) #6

ok @Zero_Shadow_s hadow I will accept your offer of 5 billion 100 million. I shall log onto Quark now and watch for the transfer. Upon receipt of the funds, I will confirm in here that the transfer has begun and that the toon is officially sold at that point

Please mail Quark with the toon to which you would like him transferred

(Quark Shimerman) #7

@Zero_Shadow_s letting you know I have accepted your bid of 5 bill 100 mill… funds have not been transferred across

(Quark Shimerman) #8

This toon is still accepting offers until payment is made

(Quark Shimerman) #9

Toon is still for sale…

(Sanity Gradient) #10

4 bil

(Quark Shimerman) #11

I am looking for 5 bill or over… I think this is a fair price… please reconsider your offer @Sanity_Gradient

(Raptor McGuss) #12

4.6bil my offer until tomorrow.

(Quark Shimerman) #13

@Raptor_McGuss make your offer 4.8 bill and we can deal … thank you for you interest and serious bidding

(Quark Shimerman) #14

note: this very special offer will not be extended and no further reduction in price will be considered… this is a take it or make a better offer scenario.

(Raptor McGuss) #15

accept, send isk and account info.

(Quark Shimerman) #16

good deal, Capsuleer… checking Quark now

(Quark Shimerman) #17

ok can confirm 4bill 800 mill received however replied to your mail requesting clarification first

(Quark Shimerman) #18

support ticket 877991 lodged to expedite transfer

(Quark Shimerman) #19

character transfer initiated… Quark is SOLD