WTS 6.5m sp Hawks Abyssal alt ready pilote

Hi, im for sale

can run LEVEL4 mission with SOE and Thukker Corporation
can run Abyssal T2 darks in Hawks
All rules followed
in highsec
Npc corp
Location Jita
Killright against EnatKinu caused by his smartbomb bs in low sec abhazon gate camp
positive wallet
good sec status

Buy out: 7b or offer

Skills sheet?


5b offer

6b and we have a deal, can transfer next week, im on vacation right now :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me!

Awesome! will notice you when ill be ready to transfer it, then you can send the account name to transfer and isk after :slight_smile:
Good for you?

Perfect thank you


You may be intersted with this one too?

Not enough spare isk for that one :))

Im the same owner of ZiZ account :slight_smile: i can make you 13b for both of them :wink:

When will you be ready to transfer?

Arround 26 or 28 august, i reserve both account for you if you take them. If its good for you?

Right now I have only 10b available. I will see when you are ready if I have enough for both :wink:

Plus I do prefer to always have female chars!

I see :smirk: hey look! he’s not that bad looking nah? :joy:, specialy for you i can do 12b for both plus you get 2 cool pricy skin jackdaw on Tsiaro :smirk:

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Sorry for the delay, i still can’t tranfer it till 28 August (didnt came back yet)

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No worries, I will just buy ZiZ when you are ready :slight_smile:
I see you are getting offers for Tsiaro in his thread :slight_smile:

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Yep, i thinked you’ll take Tsiaro as well x), but no worries ill just bump it if you are not interested to take Tsiaro :slight_smile:

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