WTS 6.5mil sp sitter toon

WTS 6.5mil sp sitter toon


30 b to start you off :slight_smile:

Thats a start, hope to sell it on sunday!

B/O is now 35bil!


B/o @ 32bil! for a 40mil sp char!

28b offer

Sorry but you’re below the highest bid :wink:

Just to remember you incase the frst buyer jumps off :smiley:

Match it and its yours.

Let me know if Astrozka buys it today , if not poke me I am online the whole day :slight_smile:

Probably will have to pass, didn’t expect this to be sold so soon :slight_smile: Was planning for auction to end somewhere in the beginning of November, sorry :frowning:

8b offer for the sitter

Accepted, awating isk to start transfer.

ISK Sent and Acount Information sent

Recieved will start transfer asap

Transfer started.

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Char Received Thanks!

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